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If you don't have a chimney you have no need to worry. There are systems in place now that allow you to have gas or solid fuel appliances all over your property.

Specialist flue systems from our friends at Poujoulat allow us to run chimneys in places you would have not been able to imagine. They come with a high operating temperature and strong insulation allowing us to place them nearer to combustible materials than rivals available.

Poujoulat provide an aftercare service to be proud of and have perfect finishing components, meaning you won't be left with unsightly holes or support brackets on show.

These flue systems can be ran internally or externally and can even come in any RAL colour of your choice if you're really fussy on how it comes out looking!

Key Points to Consider;

  • Do I want to run the flue system inside or outside of the building?

  • Will I need an air vent?

  • Do I want to run the flue through bedrooms above?

  • Will I have the flue a specific colour? Or just the standard stainless finish?

  • Should you choose a hearth stone or go for a contemporary glass finish?

  • Are the walls made of plasterboard? Do they need replacing or will you cover them with a Vlaze panel?

You can view more of our twin wall supply and installations in our gallery here.


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