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As we all know, nothing lasts forever and its sadly getting to the point where most chimneys are coming to the end of their lifespan. Nearly 100 years of soot, tar, harsh fuels take their toll (not forgetting the birds and other animals that take a shine to them!).

Re-lining is now the most common option for bringing the chimney back to a new and suitable condition. We have suppliers at Specflue who provide us with the highest quality Scheidel Tecnoflex liners that come with a 10 year guarantee or for the lifespan of the appliance it's connected to which could be even longer.

The most popular grades are 316 and 904. The latter is usually for multi fuel appliances where coal and harsher fuels are being used. We can offer the full range Specflue has to offer along with their accessories in almost every size and diameter you require to get your job completed.

The liners come with connecting components leaving us with a straightforward and hassle free installation. 

For new build installations or building contractors - another form of lining is with a clay/pumice system that can be built with the property and the chimney. These are sectional blocks which are built up and surrounded with aggregate so they are left in full working order. 

Key Points to Consider;

  • Is the chimney stack accessible for a flue liner to be dropped?

  • Will I need an air vent?

  • Does the chimney connect to any other property or bedrooms above?

  • What sort of appliance will I choose and what grade will I need?

  • What is the condition of my chimneystack like?


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