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Some say they are traditional and with rising gas prices not affordable. But they would be wrong! Gas Fires have come a long way in the past decade and are now available with many options.

Glass Fronted appliances are boasting up to nearly 90% efficiency  that compared to an open fronted version that would struggle to push 50% if that. Options not limited to just manual control, you can source appliances now with a contemporary slide control on the side of the fire or even the comfort to control the fire with a remote control from your armchair! Perfect for those early Sundays after a roast dinner.

A lot less maintenance involved than a solid fuel option, whilst replicating the same look. You can get Gas Fires in baskets, sealed into fireplaces or even in the look of a Stove. 

Once installed by a gas safe engineer you can have full peace of mind you've chosen the right product with long manufacturer warranties and a brilliant aftercare service.

We always suggest the appliance is serviced at last once a year and the approved carbon monoxide alarm it is installed with is regularly checked for proper function.

You can head to our gas fire gallery and take a look at some installs here.

Key Points to Consider;

  • Will I need a glass fronted or open version?

  • Will I need an air vent?

  • Do I want manual, slide or a remote control?

  • Does the fire come with a 'pilot' light I can leave on whilst the fire is not in use?

  • Will the fire be hearth mounted or will it be raised off the floor?

  • Do I need a hearth stone with a gas fire?

Brochures are available to view below;

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