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Probably one of the more forgotten about parts of a fireplace, but yet sometimes the most necessary. We have a wide range of fireplace accessories that are on display in our showroom and available to look at in our brochures.

Left the fireplace opening plain? Maybe its an geocast oak style beam or similar you require?

You may need a bucket to store your kindling, even to store your logs. You might want somewhere to store your safety matches or your natural firelighters.

How are you going to clean the ash out of your woodburner without destroying your products at home? How about a specilailist pocket size ash hoover!

Or maybe just the traditional simplistic touch, a nice companion set complete with shovel, brush and poker.

It's all here for you to come and pick up and take away the same day, 

Key Points to Consider;

  • Have you got somewhere to store your bits and pieces by the fire?

  • Do you have the necessary equipment to clean out your fire?

  • Is something missing from your fireplace? Does it need an extra touch?

  • Are the coals starting to deteriorate and fade on your fire?

You can view some of our accessories brochures below.

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